Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pacifier

     From time to time I will share one-page stories about kids, education, and parenting that I have written over the years.  Amusing but usually with a point, these pieces are a quick read.  Here's one on the pacifier.

     Maggie, the youngest Simpson, is the pacifier’s greatest champion.  Never speaking and whenever the camera focuses in on her face, Maggie is working the pacifier without stopping.  Wiggling between her cheeks, her pacifier makes a squeaking sound, and her eyes are wide, taking in all that is going on around her.  Her work is identical to the many toddlers I see passing through our school doors or those riding on the subway in their parent’s arms or in a stroller on the street.  

     Known by its Latin name, binkius pacivium, the pacifier has provided little ones comfort after a satisfying meal, or during a relaxing nap or while their parents are busy, or during a long car ride. . . more

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karen said...

This made me laugh out 2 years, they do know "what's up", don't they?
I'm looking forward to Part 2.