Friday, April 24, 2015

Getting to Know TED Talks Better

TED Talks should be a staple for any educator and parent. Each 18 minute talk is filled with information that we all can use in our lives. Watch this 13-minute "60 Minutes" episode that aired last Sunday. It gives a great overview of the origins and concept for TED Talks.

I admit it, I am addicted to TED Talks. Here is a link to my 50 favorite Talks.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Students Having Satisfaction With Physics

In the most recent Independent School magazine, "Getting Our Students to Own Their Educational Experience" by Raymond W. Cirmo caught my eye. For me, the more students take responsibility for their own education, the better. The treat that comes with this article is the video below. What a great non-traditional academic experience for Mr. Cirmo's physics class.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Supporting Students in a Connected World

When I wrote "Internet Abuse - Students in the Middle" for Independent School magazine back in 2002, little did I or others imagine a world connected the way it is today, especially for our students.

Now in 2015, I will be facilitating a discussion at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Manhattan next Saturday, April 18. "Supporting Students in a Connected World" has a great panel of experienced educators and professionals. Here is an excerpt from the website . . . 

"We are all struggling to figure out how we can help kids understand the cause and effect of their social media/internet use.  
What is appropriate to share online? What are the unintended consequences of kids making mistakes online? How has your school addressed these issues? What is the relationship between schools and parents with respect to responsibility and roles?
We invite you to join us for a panel of independent school administrators, mental health professionals, diversity practitioners and technology specialists for a lively and interactive exchange of case studies, ideas, information, experiences and curriculum. We are hoping these conversations will lead to ongoing opportunities for consulting and collaborating with each other as the need arises." Visit the website to learn more.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Opposite of Spoiled

I was among 100 other participants gathered to hear Ron Lieber author of The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money speak this week about his book and teaching kids about money. He focused on the three jars of money kids need to think about—give, save, spend. My favorite part, though, was when he helped those present understand the differences between what children (and parents) NEED and what they WANT.

His down-to-earth advice was refreshing and reassuring.