Friday, June 26, 2020

Stories For Children . . . and Parents

Reading to children has always been a treat for me. During the pandemic, I have not been able to be with them in their classrooms, so I read to my iPhone and passed the links on to the teachers and parents. Here are the links to most of my video reads. Hope they can help you.

Fish Story (5:05) (Ages 3 - 7)
Boffo The Great Motorcycle Race  (3:38) (Ages 3 - 7)
The Lion Roared (8:08) (Ages 6 and up)
Cinderella (10:17) (Ages 4 – 7)
Socks for Supper (4:43) (Ages 3 – 7)
Miss Nelson is Missing (6:07) (Ages 4 – 7)
DUDE (5:07) (Ages 3 – 7)

Saturday, June 13, 2020

School Online Resources

So much is happening in education—on all levels—and will continue into the summer, fall, and the 2020-21 school year.

In January a colleague of mine took on the role of Head of School of ICL (Institute for Civic Leadership) Academy, which is a 100% virtual school (grades 7-12) affiliated with the Dwight School. He passed on to me the following: “Our platform of fully developed high school classes can be used by schools to enhance or replace the online learning they have been thwarted into. The courses would be theirs to use, as a white-labeled resource. They are designed to be engaging, allow for regular interaction with the teacher, have a built-in grade book, embedded videos and assessments.”

"The next evolution in education is ICL (Institute for Civic Leadership) Academy, a transformative private online school for grades 7-12 that connects students’ passions with personalized academics, using the best in educational technology and philosophy to meet the demands of today’s generation. At ICL Academy, students achieve college readiness in addition to jumpstarting the career of their choosing, whether it’s performing arts, athletics, entrepreneurship, or more.

Our nearly 150-year-old academic tradition is rooted in the history and mission of the renowned Dwight School, and is underpinned by the Institute for Civic Leadership’s award-winning youth leadership and character-building program."