Friday, May 25, 2018


This is the first post I have written that promotes a network television series, but the series is so good. What I like the most is its anti-bias messages, helping students, parents, and educators appreciate differences among individuals.

"Rise" finished its first season and follows high school students, teachers, and families in their lives. The trailer tells it all:

Friday, May 11, 2018


When I first wrote "Is Good Best?" for Independent School magazine in the fall of 2003, I was intrigued with success. I still am fascinated with it, especially as it applies to leadership.

"Success" is one of the best TED Radio Hour podcast episodes featuring Tony Robbins, Angela Duckworth, Ron Gutman, Mike Rowe, and Alain de Botton. Click on the podcast link to listen to their voices on success.

In a nutshell . . .
  • Robins equates success to your drive; 
  • Duckworth sees success in life as resilience (grit); 
  • Gutman talks about the smile as a success indicator; 
  • Rowe says success is about dirty jobs; 
  • Botton sees success as creating a lot of anxiety. 
You can also listen to each of their TED Talks for yourself to get a better, deeper picture of success. Go to TED Talks to hear each of their talks.