Friday, January 20, 2017

Procrastination Problems?

Do you or your kids—your own or your students—have problems with procrastination? If so, view this informative and funny TED Talk. You will find it most helpful.

WARNING: Blog viewers are at their own risk if they share this with kids.  😉

Friday, January 6, 2017

You Have to Be Carefully Taught

I am convinced that some of the inhumanity cited below begin with how we teach our children. Read a recently published article I wrote, "You Have to Be Carefully Taught" to get further insights.

Excerpt from the article:
As I witness the struggles of Middle Eastern countries dealing with violence inflicted by radical groups like the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, I again ask myself, How can this be happening? How can anyone justify this heartless, inhumane treatment? Is this behavior learned in certain cultures? Perhaps, for some people, it is in the name of a religious/cultural belief, and, for others (e.g., drug cartels), the object is not to cooperate with a higher authority—or the issue is greed, or mental illness. And let us not forget recent tragedies in San Bernardino, CA; Orlando, FL; Dallas, TX; and Nice, France. For the month of June 2016 alone, Wikipedia lists 218 terrorist incidents worldwide, including bombings, executions, shootings, and attacks.