Friday, August 20, 2010

Waiting for Superman

     On Monday, I am going to see the preview of what may be a revolutionary film on education.  "Waiting for Superman" is a documentary about the state of education in our country.  Here is a quote from the advance information:

"Waiting for 'Superman' examines the crisis of public education in the United States through multiple interlocking stories – from a handful of students and their families whose futures hang in the balance, to the educators and reformers trying to find lasting solutions within a broken education system.
The documentary features leaders in the field of education, including philanthropist Bill Gates; Geoffrey Canada, President of the Harlem Children’s Zone; Washington, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee; and Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Founders David Levin and Mike Feinberg. Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend composed the film’s end title song, 'Shine'."

     Take a minute to view the trailer; I believe it is a movie we all must see.


Character Education said...

Its really a very inspirational video. I think schools must have to review their policies and try to do something for their students to save their dreams.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it could be an inspirational story/movie, but the students potrayed all have something in common: they and their families value education! What about the thousands and thousands of parents and students who do not? What schools are they going to? They're the ones going to the public schools to aid in decreasing the viability of those schools. Charter schools are great because the kids want to be there. Public schools are left holding the bag with the kids who don't want to be there, in any school. Try educating someone who has no interest in what is being presented to them. When education in this country is universally valued by EVERYONE, then you will see true changes in education without the need to pass laws or throw money at the problem.

sheba said...

This movie was released at the Toronto International Film Festival last week and has caused quite a stir here b/c the panel participants warned Canadian educators that we are on the same road as the US system.

Of course, the Canadians all denied that, but it has sparked a renewed interest in education from the public.

rebecca said...


An Inconvenient Superman -- Rick Ayers, Huffington Post

rebecca said...

bad link embedding up there.

here is the R. Ayers link plainly: