Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Chicken in Brooklyn?

     Brooklyn gets lots of recognition for all kinds of activity, but here is one to top the list.  Daniel Pinkwater's newest children's book Beautiful Yetta the Yiddish Chicken is a delightful book for both children and adults.  To hear Pinkwater and Scott Simon read from it, listen to this NPR Weekend Edition Saturday clip
     Jill Pinkwater, wife of Daniel, is the illustrator.  In case you did not know, Daniel has authored over 80 children's books.

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Anonymous said...

HI Dane,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog… I always enjoy anything new you have listed and the chicken book is delightful. I listened to the whole story with those charming different accents which add a whole new dimension to the fun of the book. You know I have 2 chickens in my back yard in the middle of Houston, Ruth and Myrtle, named after my grandmothers. The “girls” were a gift from my staff and faculty for my birthday 2 years ago, from my “peeps”. If the “girls” could talk, like Yetta, they would tell a story of their adventure with Hurricane Ike. By the way, Brooklyn was on my “bucket list”… now I can die happy! Thanks, always.