Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wisdom on Health and Happiness From a 13-year Old

From the eloquent perspective of a middle school kid, this video is priceless. Logan has the right idea about what is important in life. 

He quotes Dr. Roger Walsh "Much of education is oriented, for better or for worse, towards making a living rather than making a life."


MichaelMcCollins said...

The boy on video has a point. We all dream to be happy when we grow up, but when we do, not always everything is aligned for us the way we've always wanted. But for real, what do we do to be happy, in other words, what do we do to translate hopes into reality? Nothing. We just expect that fortune favours us.. We get a job we hate, we get married to people we don't love, we live up other people's life, but not ours. If you want to become a writer, then make it happen! If not a book writer, there are other good opportunities such as writer at college paper writing help for students; want to become a politician to make your life and the life of your significant others better, then enter university and get higher education. The sky is the limit!

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