Monday, August 6, 2012

Raising Successful Children

In yesterday's NYTimes "Sunday Review" section, Madeline Levine's excellent article "Raising Successful Children" is a must read. Drawing from the work of Diana Baumrind and Carol Dweck, Levine points out several important parenting tips. 

I quote from the article:

  • . . . the optimal parent is one who is involved and responsive, who sets high expectations but respects her child's autonomy.
  • Hanging back and allowing children to make mistakes is one of the greatest challenges of parenting.
  • If you can't stand to see your child unhappy, you are in the wrong business.
  • When we do things for our children out of our own needs rather than theirs, it forces them to circumvent the most critical task of childhood: to develop a robust sense of self.
  • But we must remember that children thrive best in an environment that is reliable, available, consistent, and noninterfering.
  • Parents also have to be clear about their own values. Children watch us closely.

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