Friday, January 20, 2012

iPad Textbooks v. Textbooks

Click on this iPad textbook link to see how our students will be using technology in school. It is only a matter of time before all students and teachers will be using electronic textbooks. It is only a matter of time before teachers will be writing and publishing their own textbooks. This will revolutionize the way students learn in school,. . . the way teachers teach in school, . . . and the way parents support their children's education at home.


Nishant Mehta said...


I agree with your comments - the iPad has already revolutionized the way our 5th graders are learning this year. We hope to expand our 1:1 iPad initiative next year to the 6th grade and roll it out to 7th nad 8th grades in subsequent years. This announcement by Apple makes the possibilities only more enticing for this generation growing up with this technology. I wrote a bit about this on my blog at Check it out when you get a chance - would love to get your feedback!


Craig said...

I love IPADS over textbooks, but why do we need textbooks at all? Why can't we just facilitate the use of all the content that the internet has to offer? It certainly would be cheaper, and it certainly would be more like real life. When adults have questions or wish to learn something, we don't pop open a textbook to seek the answer we Google, or seek an expert that we know. Great Blog. If you get the chance check out mine- I just started today and would love feedback.