Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poem in Your Pocket

At a recent first through eighth grade morning assembly, the theme was Poem in Your Pocket. Students brought a poem in their pocket to share with teachers and students. 

To begin the assembly, students were asked "Why do you like poetry?"

Here are some of their responses:
• They express feelings.
• Some poems speak to you; they move you.
• Poems are like little stories.
• They are calming.
• They make you feel different.
• They help you focus.
• They make you laugh, or they make you sad.
• Students said they like poems about animals, nature, and peace.
• Poems that rhyme and ones that are fun and silly are best.

Then students were asked if they had a favorite poem they would like to share with the group. Some students walked to the front of the assembly and recited from memory, some chose to read sitting down in place, while others stood at the front of the room and read with feeling. One student stood in place, reached into her pocket, carefully unfolded a piece of paper, and read her poem. It was one of my favorites. See what you think.

The Key of the Kingdom
This is the key of the Kingdom:
In that Kingdom is a city;
In that city is a town;
In that town is a street;
In that street there winds a lane;
In that lane there is a yard;
In that yard there is a house;
In that house there waits a room;
In that room an empty bed,
And on that bed a basket -
A basket of sweet flowers
Of flowers, of flowers;
A basket of sweet flowers.

Flowers in a basket;
Basket on the bed;
Bed in the room;
Room in the house;
House in the yard;
Yard in the winding lane;
Lane in the street;
Street in the town;
Town in the city;
City in the Kingdom -
This is the key of the Kingdom.
Of the Kingdom this is the key.


The Oxford Treasury of Children's Poems (Oxford University Press, 1988)

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