Friday, January 2, 2009

Mindset: Dr. Carol Dweck Part 3

Dr. Dweck sets the tone of her book right from the beginning when she writes “A little note about grammar. I know it and I love it, but I haven’t always followed it in this book. I start sentences with ands and buts. I end sentences with prepositions. . . I’ve done this for informality and immediacy, and I hope that the sticklers will forgive me.” 

I believe this is what makes this book so accessible for so many readers. Shame on those fixed mindset thinkers who cannot get past the documentation, research, and data crunching that go along with scholarly books.

Using athletes and business leaders, Dweck offers example after example to help the reader understand the differences between fixed mindset and growth mindset and how the latter will prevail in the lives of those who are more likely to experience long-lasting satisfaction and success in life.

This is a must-read book for anyone who is in education, a parent, or looking for a new outlook on life. Also, visit the
website specifically devoted to Mindset — the concept and the book.

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