Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emma - The Magazine

I cannot begin to tell you how many independent school magazines and publications I have leafed through over the years. Many school publications tout their athletic teams, alumnae/i accomplishments, school progress, etc. It is particularly impressive to read a school publication that is dedicated to a greater theme—women's issues.

Having watched single-sex education find its way on the excellent writing and work of Carol Gilligan, Mary Pipher, Michael Thompson, and Michael Gurian, I was impressed with the summer 2009 edition of "Emma" from the Emma Willard School, a girls 9-12 boarding school in upstate New York.

As you can see by the cover, this edition steps out front to give its readers a view of what is inside, and that is the best part — the content of the magazine. Here are the titles of some of the pieces highlighted in this award-wining magazine:

"After Beauty"
"My Breasts, Myself"
"Body After Baby"
"Outlook Cloudy with a Chance of Radiation"
"Sharing the Big Secret"

Visit Emma online and see for yourself.

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EMMA, the bulletin of Emma Willard School, is available online at