Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy Classical Beginnings

All children, young people, and adults should be exposed to classical music at some point in their lives.  The mere fact that you can listen to it and work at the same time are reason enough!  Like right now — as I write — I am listening to Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2, feeling elevated and inspired by the combination of notes and instruments.  

Start light and with works that aren't necessarily classical in setting and composition.  Here are a few pieces that are perfect for a drive in the suburbs . . . or sharing an iPod earpiece on the subway.

Water Music - George Handel
Brandenburg Concertos - Johann Sabastian Bach (begin with #2 and #5)
The Four Seasons (Fall) - Antonio Vivaldi
Canon in G - Johann Pachelbell
Bolero - Maurice Ravel

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