Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just a Story - Part 1

As he made his way around the corner, Paul reached into his pocket for spare change to drop into the paper cup of the beckoning street person. Where the money went, Paul did not care; he was happy to help someone less fortunate.

Paul was a contributing artist at an odd but well respected gallery in the City. People often viewed his video/CD-based installations with wonderment and invariably walked away feeling inspired, hopeful, and reaffirmed. A former teacher of 16 years, Paul developed a sense of what made up a good child. Over those years he came to appreciate the characteristics in a child that caused him to stay in the classroom as long as he did. Kind, hard working, thoughtful of the needs of others, and honest described the child he envisioned as the perfect child. Paul felt obliged to help parents see this in their children.

When his wife passed away and he had to raise his own two children by himself, he struggled to find ways to make ends meet financially and at the same time hold his own son and daughter to the values about children in which he believed so passionately. (to be continued . . . )

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