Friday, September 20, 2019

How to Raise a Reader

This a must-read book for all parents and teachers. The authors are so sensitive about timing, especially for young readers—and their parents—that begin the process a bit later in life.

One quote in their book jumped out at me because I remember reading the same reference in the book Freakonomics

"According to studies that measure the likelihood of a child growing up to be a reader, the most important factor is . . . the statistic most highly correlated to literacy is the number of books present in the home." (p. 26) And, here is a link to an editorial opinion about this point that was made in USA TODAY.

Give some thought to using How to Raise a Reader as a school-wide read where faculty, parents, and boards read the book together, and then discuss. What better way to build a school community.

Here is a short, neat video by the authors on their book and three myths about reading to children.


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