Friday, July 29, 2016

Leadership in a Tweet

I had the pleasure last week to teach a class of heads of school and principals on leadership. When I asked them to tweet me what leadership means to them, here is what I received from several members of the class:
  • Being a value-based person with a clear direction willing to be joined by and support others.
  • The art of assisting others in developing and applying their skills for the good of others.
  • A proposed cycle: listen, observe, analyze, communicate, serve, empower, protect, host, nurture, encourage, rest, play and repeat.
  • Engaging others in the actualization of core values in the service of a higher purpose.
  • Attend. Listen. Observe. Consider. Connect. Engage. Decide. Inspire. Nudge. Assist. Reflect. Adjust. Celebrate. Translate. Share. Step aside
  • Inspiring others to do more and to be more.  A true leader leads by example and fosters leadership in others.
  • Serving others; taking responsibility for other’s well-being & growth; willing to learn from others; & having the courage to forge new path.
Such good tweets.


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Jimmy said...

Leadership is something that is a God gifted ability but to some extent it can also be achieved with some struggle and education..

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