Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Myths and Truths About Kids' Internet Safety

I came across "5 Myths and Truths About Kids' Internet Safety" by Caroline Knorr. I think you will find it helpful and enlightening. For example, here are the first and second myths and truths:

"Myth: Social media turns kids into cyberbullies.
Truth: There are many reasons why a kid might cyberbully, and social media is just a convenient way to do the dirty work.
The reality is that kids who engage in this behavior typically have something else going on that compels them to act out. They might be in crisis -- at home, at school, or otherwise socially. They may also be bullying in person, or they may have an underdeveloped sense of empathy. Awareness of a cyberbully's circumstances -- though not excusing the behavior -- can help parents and educators recognize the warning signs and potentially intervene before it goes too far.

Myth: Teaching kids not to talk to strangers is the best way to keep them safe online.
Truth: Teaching kids to recognize predatory behavior will help them avoid unwelcome advances."

Click on the article above, read the other three, and see if you agree.


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I think you must to turn Parent's Control on your web browser and other apps. I'm a writer on website and when I don't do my job, my childrens play on my computer so I wanna to safe them and always turn Parent's Control

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I think one of the rules, that parents must talk to their kids before they start to open an email attachment or download software. Attachments sometimes contain viruses. Never open an attachment from someone you don’t know.
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