Friday, August 8, 2014

A Great Message for Children . . . and Adults

Andrew DeGraff - NYTimes
In his excellent Op-Ed piece in the NYTimes Sunday Review section, Arthur C. Brooks writes eloquently in "Love People, Not Pleasure."

Here's an excerpt:

“This search for fame, the lust for material things and the objectification of others—that is, the cycle of grasping and craving—follows a formula that is elegant, simple and deadly:

Love things, use people.

It is the worldly snake oil peddled by the culture makers from Hollywood to Madison Avenue. But you know in your heart that it is morally disordered and a likely road to misery. You want to be free of the sticky cravings of unhappiness and find a formula for happiness instead. How? Simply invert the deadly formula and render it virtuous:

Love people, use things.”

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