Saturday, September 14, 2013

Middle School Brains

Middle school brains are growing, changing, and amazing. Think about what a challenge this is for the middle school child. Click over to this excellent article, "My Amygdala Ate My Homework! The adolescent brain is long on intellect but short on judgement" by Launa Schweizer. Here is the opening paragraph:

When I arrive at my job, several people run to the door to hug me. During each day, at least one person falls out of her chair, someone bursts into tears, and several people fail to complete their assignments. My co-workers drop food on the carpet, flip upside down into headstands, and make fart jokes. Half of them interrupt me with off-topic remarks, and the other half sit in sullen silence. Sometimes they pick the keys off our shared computers.

I wish I were kidding.


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