Friday, February 1, 2013

7th Grader's Accomplishments List

This past weekend, the Middle School students were asked to make a list of their accomplishments from the last 6 weeks. 

Here is Anoni’s list...
  • Staying more focused in class.
  • Standing up for myself when I get bullied.
  • Holding more doors for people and asking how can I help.
  • Staying on top of my homework.
  • Not getting in as many fights with the boys.
  • Cleaning up for myself after classes.
  • Memorizing lines in Shakespeare.
  • Getting better at basketball.
  • Getting along with my friends.
  • Doing my homework over the weekend.
  • Getting better at cooking in cooking class.
  • Being good at advisory lunches.
  • Getting better at giving pizza to the little kids on pizza day.
  • Getting along with the little kids.
  • Always visiting upper elementary to say hi to teachers and kids.
  • Coming into school on time.
  • Staying on top of my weekly reports and 6-week reflections.

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