Monday, December 5, 2011

Bonawitz and Shafto Cognition Study

This enlightening article in The Economist, "When should you teach children, and when should you let them explore" is a must-read for all teachers and parents. The article is about a study completed by Elizabeth Bonawitz and Patrick Shafto that looked at 85 four- and five-year olds. Here is a link to the complete study published in "Cognition."

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Reminds me of the concept of "playworthiness" of toys. For example, a figurine of, say, Batman holding some gadget in his hand can be only "Batman holing some gadget" - i.e., limited playworthiness. ON the other hand, a couple of sticks tied together can be Batman, or any body, or an airplane, or a gadget etc., i.e., high playworthiness.