Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Reading: Hardback, Paperback, or Digital

"First, I have to say that, like many of you, I love the feel of a hardback edition of a book in my hands, and the look of it on my bookshelf, even years after I’ve read it. And all my bookshelves at home and at the office are filled to overflowing with hardback books I love and won’t give up. In fact, the overflow was getting to be a hazard, so I donated hundreds of my hardback books to the local public library the last time we moved, a couple of years ago. But now, I have to admit (and I know the purists out there will cringe), I'm buying more e-books than hardcover books, and downloading them to my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. Here’s why:"

So begins Pat Bassett's (President of NAIS) recent blog post "On Summer Reading."
Click here to read more. It is an excellent post.

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sheba said...

i'm a new convert to ereading, and i have to say, much to my surprise i LOVE it. so much easier to travel with, less likely to crush me at night when i fall asleep reading AND you can borrow books from the library too!