Monday, June 6, 2011

List of Exemplary Blogs

I believe blogging is here to stay. Heads of school would be well advised to get into the world of blogging to parents and the rest of the world.

Claudia Daggett, Executive Director for the
Elementary School Heads Association (ESHA) — "a non-profit organization established to promote a sense of identity among heads of independent elementary schools" — has compiled a set of slides with links to Exemplary Blogs. See what you think.

I distinctly remember in the mid-80s when the VHS video was introduced to take the place of a school admissions view book, but I guess I don't remember when the WWW took the place of the VHS video. It's all a blur.

Also, I just read in Sir Ken Robinson's book
Out of Our Minds where he describes when the television was introduced at the 1939 Worlds Fair. Skeptics said no way that it would take over the radio.

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Management Institute said...

Blogging is just a good way to get connected with parent and can discuss about the education of their children....
With education blogs a lot of knowledge is spread.