Saturday, May 28, 2011

World Peace

Recently, my son introduced me to long-time Virginia teacher John Hunter who founded the "World Peace Game" an extraordinary 3D board game that can be played by students from fourth grade through adults. My son, John, and I talked for nearly two hours about his 34-year career in education and future plans for the Game. Click over to his website to view the trailer to his award wining movie "World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements."

Better yet, click on his TED Talk right here. John is clearly a very special educator and person.


Debbie said...

Inspirational! "If only..."

Janet Ray said...

University Montessori School in Charlottesville, VA is proud to claim as an alumus Dave, the curly haired boy in the green sweatshirt who quotes Sun Tzu in the film clip. Our community is so blessed to have such a gifted teacher as John Hunter among us and to be raising such a wise and compassionate generation. I encourage you to make an effort to see the entire film.