Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life Long Learners Club (LLLC)

     In order to walk the walk, our faculty and staff model the life long learning concept to our students.  Any member of the faculty and staff can offer up a class to the rest of the faculty and staff.  Classes in pie baking, physical fitness, dancing, yoga, knitting, technology tips, coffee cupping, and jogging are some of the classes/activities offered at school since September.  Classes are usually offered at the end of the school day.  
     The LLLC provides a forum for adults to teach other adults.  What a great form of professional development, and inexpensive.


psychlist said...

What a great idea, Dane! It also fits in very nicely with a philosophy that I share with my students all the time: We all have something to learn from one another.

Also sounds like a terrific way to build strong relationships within the faculty body. Will have to think about getting something similar started here at Nobles!

Dane Peters said...

Glad you like it. It really works, too.