Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Case You Missed His Voice

     As soon as I heard mention of the name Ted Williams my ears perked up.  Growing up following Yankees and Red Sox clashes, I was acutely aware of the legendary Ted Williams (aka The Kid).  Well, this Ted Williams — same name, different person — caught my ear when someone pointed me to a video-gone-viral.  As one seventh grader said to me when I asked him if he had seen the video of the guy with the great voice, "Oh yeah, it's a beautiful success story.  Neat." I knew I should share it with you.
     See what you think.  Here it is

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Rick Ackerly said...

Thank you as always. Hey,great discussion about parents and kids (Education central going on at www.geniusinchildren.org. Get involved. Comment. Is excellence bad for kids?