Thursday, December 2, 2010

Teachers Learning Together

      Teachers learning is constant in our schools. It has to be. Teachers learning models for our students how the process works. Teachers learning together is good for the profession.
     A year ago, I had the opportunity to return to the faculty of the New York State Association of Independent School’s (NYSAIS) Beginning Teachers Institute (BTI) — a three-day, mid-October workshop for teachers new to teaching and independent schools. Like other state and regional association new teacher workshops, the Institute’s objectives are to support and reassure new teachers during their first weeks of teaching . . . 
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rick ackerly said...

I loved the criteria for good teaching that the new teachers came up with.

• Use all of the student’s senses —
o change teaching modalities
o be vigilant to the external stimuli that may affect the student’s learning
• It is essential to have enthusiasm for the subject you are teaching.
• Keep students involved and active learners.
• Use available technology in lessons and encourage students to use the same in their work.
• Provide a forum—in and out of the classroom—for students to shine.
• adopt a guide-on-the-side approach to teaching and leave the sage-on-the-stage approach back in the 20th Century.
• Be sure the students understand and enjoy the content and process before moving on to new material.

(Hmmm. How do new teachers know this? Hmmmmmmmmm.) Maybe all teachers actually DO know this. HMMMMM Then what's the problem?

Dane Peters said...

Hmmm. Good question.