Friday, September 3, 2010

Hyperbole or Happening?

     In a recent NAIS Heads' Listserve exchange, one head of school offered this library of videos.  Most are short and can help instigate discussion for faculty meetings.  Also, the likes of Pink, Dweck, Robinson, Heath, and others can lend perspective to what is presented.

"Pay Attention" - 7:42

"Shift Happens" – 7:38 (6:11 in actual running time) 6/21/10   similar to above but better graphics, more intrusive music (Both mention job changes . . .)

"It’s Not on the Test"  (Tom Chapin song) - 2:08

Sir Ken Robinson - 19:00 (TED presentation on Creativity, similar to his NAIS presentation)

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Sharon said...

I have used many of these with success as opening reflective tools for workshops and meetings I've facilitated over the years with educators--so pleased to see them in the Montessori context and look forward to viewing them, and eventually, using them, with a slightly different lens. Thanks for the post, Dane.