Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Gendered Experience

     Be sure to get a copy of the fall issue of Independent School magazine.  With a theme of leadership in independent schools, there is one article in particular that you must read.  Martha Haakmat, Middle School Head at Brooklyn Friends School and Susan Feibelman, Upper School Head at Packer Collegiate School present an insightful, sobering article on the state of women in leadership roles in our schools.  Here is a sentence that, I believe, captures the essence of their well written, well researched article:

     “To truly break with the system of gender discrimination in independent schools, school leaders — current administrators and boards — need first to acknowledge the problem as a serious issue that undermines the quality of schools and their ability to fulfill their missions well.”

     If there was ever a time to have a balance of women and men in leadership roles in independent schools, it is now.

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