Monday, May 17, 2010

Bathroom Talk

The other day as I walked through the school lobby, I noticed a lone father seated working at his iPhone. We smiled at each other, and I proceeded to the bathroom. Opening the door, I noticed the stall door ajar, and the rustling I heard inside clued me into the fact that someone was inside. Before I took another step, the 4-year old voice from inside clearly said, "Dane, tell my Dad I did a poo." My mind instantly connected the child's voice with the father in the lobby. I said, "Will do, Charlie."

As I walked back to the lobby I realized that my little friend recognized me by seeing my image in the mirror through the opened stall door. I'm never surprised at how smart kids are and how resourceful they are when it comes to directing adults.


psychlist said...
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psychlist said...

Thanks for this, Dane! Such an amusing and wonderful story.

I also love how candid kids can be. They often experience no shame and are not so easily embarrassed in the way that we, as adults, do.

Knowing you, Dane, I am not at all surprised by your reaction. The simple act of compliance assures him that all is right with the world and that what he is doing is completely natural.