Thursday, February 4, 2010

Author, Ventriloquist, Magician

When I walked into our school library during the annual book fair, I knew I would be listening to author Grace Chang read from her book Jin Jin the Dragon.  What I did not expect to see was 40 children and adults mesmerized by this very talented woman.  Jin Jin the dragon came alive with a voice and jaw-dropping magic that captured everyone's imagination.  Visit her website to see a bit of what I am writing about.


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!!! If you like Ventriloquism you should check out this documentary out in select theaters later this month called Dumbstruck. The film revoles around 5 ventriloquist or "Vents" (one of which is America's Got Talent Winner Terry Fator) and tells their stories and struggles as practicing ventriloquist.
check out the facebook page or the films home page to see the films trailers and select city information!

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly update....revisit the facebook page for a chance to win an Axtell Bird Puppet!!!!