Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do What You Need To Do

Reading Malcom Gladwell's newest best seller, What the Dog Saw you discover the book is a compilation of his New Yorker articles that he wrote since 1996.  In the usual Gladwell fashion, you begin reading his works and you find yourself saying, "Yah, he is so right.  How does he assemble so many relevant thoughts, statistics, and connections in one article?"

It was when I was reading "Million-Dollar Murray" an article that was published on February 13, 2006 and coincidentally listening to John Mayer's "Say" that I was struck by Gladwell's ability to strike a chord in our sensibilities.  Making a connection between homelessness, the inefficiency of eradicating it, and Gladwell's ability to say what we need to hear, will help us prepare our world for our children so that they can accomplish what we mean to accomplish.  Read the piece as you listen to Mayer and see if you can understand what I am saying.

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