Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot - The Third Chapter

My favorite SLL book is I’ve Known Rivers: Lives of Loss and Liberation. Her detailed account of the lives of six people touched me in a way that has made me remember the book over the past 15 years, since I first read it.

The Third Chapter, her most recent book, looks at people between the ages of 50 and 75 and the multiple transitions that they experience throughout that 25-year period. There are several notable concepts that make it worth reading the book . . . whether you are of the age or your parents are of the age.

• The idea of "looking back and giving forward" is a way of looking at how boomers can reflect on their past and leverage it to give to future generations.

• Burnout is not about working too hard. It's about boredom.

• Choices can be made between generativity or stagnation.

• It can be hard to leave those roles that give us status.

Here you can see a 30-minute interview with Bill Moyers, where SLL talks about her book. I wonder how many agree with her statement "We are about a youth-obsessed culture."

A friend I respect for his ability to look back and give forward is David Mallery. I have known David for many years, and not only does he have SLL speak at his seminars, David is in his “fourth chapter” and continues to give inspiration to all with wisdom and models of professional development. Thank you, David.

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Anonymous said...

Your review inspired me to order SLL's book and to give it as a gift to a friend.