Monday, September 1, 2008

Newbery Medal = Good Young Adult Reading

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! is a beautifully written book which places the reader in a medieval town. It is a perfect introduction to that time in history for young people (and adults, too).

This year's Newbery Medal Winner, Good Masters! Sweet Ladies, is one of many young adult books published each year, and while others receive Honor Medals, only one is the Newbery Medal Winner. Go to the site, read about the Newbery Medal awards, and note the list of winners that goes back to 1922.

As an aside, GMSL prompted me to read Ken Follett's World Without End, which is set in the 14th Century and is the sequel to his Pillars of the Earth . I can't put it down! All 1,024 (that's exactly a kilobyte of) pages have been a good friend as summer vacation comes to a close.

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