Friday, August 1, 2008

I must confess . . .

. . . while navigating to the ten o'clock news, I clicked on "Super Nanny," you know, the show where a British nanny transforms a dysfunctional group of parents and children living in the same house into a repaired, warm, and loving family. Along with reminding me why I don't watch network TV with its four minutes of programming for every seven minutes of commercials, I was taken by the common sense advice from the nanny. For the episode and family I watched, it came down to the parents - especially the father - modeling good behavior to help their son and daughter interact with each other respectfully and thoughtfully.

Under no circumstances am I recommending that you watch the program; I only pass the experience on to parents (and teachers) to say how important our behavior is to the children we serve. I will recommend Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World (Third Edition, Teachers College Press, 2004) by Patricia G. Ramsey to get a fuller understanding of how our adult behavior impacts our children, particularly as it pertains to understanding the lives of those around us.