Friday, January 2, 2015

A First Contract for a Third Grader

When he was in third grade, he received his first contract . . . from his father and mother.
#8 on this week's NYTimes Middle Reader bestseller list, The Contract by Derek Jeter with Paul Mantell is a thoughtful book, all children AND parents should read. Here is that first contract between Derek and his parents.
  1. Family Comes First.
  2. Be a Role Model for Sharlee. [Derek's sister]
  3. Do Your Schoolwork and Maintain Good Grades (As or Bs).
  4. Bedtime. Lights out at nine p.m. on school nights.
  5. Do Your Chores.
  6. Respect Others.
  7. Respect Yourself.
  8. Work Hard.
Failure to comply will result in the loss of playing sports and hanging out with friends. Extra-special rewards include attending a major-league baseball game, choosing a location for dinner, and selecting another event of your choice.

Meet Derek's mother and father Dot and Charles in this five-minute interview.