Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Summer Reading

Each summer our faculty and staff read a book from a collection chosen by our professional development committee. Here is a link to the post that displays the books that the committee chose last year.

This year the committee chose to focus on Dr. Maria Montessori, her life and work. Here are the books from which we can choose.

Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful - Donna Brynt Goertz
Maria Montessori: A Biography - Rita Kramer
Montessori Learning in the 21st Century - M. Shannon Helfrich, Andre Roberfroid 
The Secret of Childhood - Maria Montessori

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Debbie said...

So great to see that the committee chose to focus on Maria Montessori's life and work for your faculty and staff to read. I had not heard of "Montessori Learning in the 21st Century". Thank you for sharing. Even though I am no longer with BHMS, I will be reading that one this summer.