Friday, July 23, 2010

Inner Net

     I have always realized that there is a bit of a gap between generations of parents and teachers and the kids we care for particularly when it comes to understanding the power of the Internet.  After reading the recent NYTimes Magazine article "When Funny Goes Viral" by Rob Walker, I learned of an inner subculture humor that is bigger than one can image.
     One of the leaders of this highly viewed, viral culture is 22-year old Christopher "moot" Poole.  Here he is in a TED Talk explaining the history of his 4Chan website (Warning: 4Chan has R-rated stuff).

    BTW, the NYTimes article explains one viral, humorous prank known as Rickrolling.  By way of explanation, click here to get an inner net subculture experience and add your view to the 25 million other views!

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